Birthday Parties

Kids Cookery wants your child’s party to be a memorable experience.  We offer basic packages and theme parties such as Italian Festa, Mexican Taco Party, Cake Wars, Chopped, Baking/Decorating and so much more!*  We also offer organic, kosher, vegetarian, gluten free and nut free parties.  Or make up your own party and we are happy to make it happen.

Each guest will receive a one-piece quality fabric apron.  The children decorate their aprons with permanent colorful markers before putting them on. The perfect party favor!

Each child prepares their own recipe (unless it is a group activity such as Cake Wars). The children enjoy using our child safe utensils such as rolling pins, graters and choppers! While the food is cooking, the children decorate cupcakes,  It’s an opportunity for them to be creative using a variety of colorful toppings. The perfect Birthday Cake!

The children will taste their recipe and then it’s time for desert.  With candles on the Birthday child’s cupcake we all gather to sing Happy Birthday!

Our Parties include everything except beverages, cups and paper goods. If your child does not have a party theme, we are happy to provide the paper plates and utensils. 

Our Basic Party Package is $425.00 for ten children.   Each additional child is $35.00.

This package includes set up, materials, ingredients, supplies, aprons, and clean up. Book your party now and give your child a memory to last a lifetime! * Please email for Theme Party pricing.

Parties are 1 ½ to 2 hours long.  We can come to your home or the party can be held at a venue we use located in Ardsley.


Thank you so much! We look forward to seeing you! 

-Happy Cooking,

Kids Cookery

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